Case study: Autonomous Sweeper can revolutionize the way urban streets are cleaned

The Trombia Free Pilot Program was carried out in the streets of the City of Helsinki, capital of Finland, as a part of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab innovation program last spring. Case study results are now published.

When put to a real urban street test the Trombia Free autonomous sweeper showed that due to its low noise levels streets can be cleaned during the night with as little hinders as possible to citizens. Trombia Free suited well for urban street cleaning also with all other measured indicators.

– We got excellent results for the Jätkäsaari pilot as the cleaning efficiency tests showed that if cities are willing to revolutionize street cleaning, the long diesel-fueled sweeper fleets can be replaced with low-noise, zero emission sweepers that operate with only 15 % of the energy needed for the traditional heavy machinery. It would save energy and costs, help our planet and ease traffic in urban areas, as streets can be cleaned during the night, says Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Trombia Technologies.

Pilot also gathered important data of the dust we breathe in as the samples gathered consisted of 30 % of quartz dust, that is a known health risk.

– We definitely need to start thinking about how we can efficiently and without adding emissions keep our cities clean and safe, Nikkanen continues.

Key findings from the pilot included:

  • Zero occurred safety risks
  • Low noise levels caused no harm to citizens
  • Exceptional cleaning results with zero emissions
  • Over 30 % of the dust collected was quartz dust
  • 26 tons less Co2 emissions annually with every Trombia Free sweeper.

Over 90 % of answerers of the conducted resident survey thought cleaning during the night time would be a very good idea.
Full power autonomous and electrical Trombia Free street sweeper was piloted during 2 weeks in Helsinki Jätkäsaari area in April 2021. The pilot was executed together with Forum Virium Helsinki and STARA.

The full Trombia Free systems are brought to the market in 2022 and thanks to the results of the initial pilot also City of Helsinki and Forum Virium continue its development plan with Trombia Free with full system piloting in spring 2022.

More information:

CEO Antti Nikkanen,