Nordic Green DNA driving innovations in area maintenance

Trombia Technologies is a road and area maintenance manufacturer originally founded in Kuopio, Finland. Our headquarters and commercial operations continuously reside in Kuopio and at our commercial facility at the Helsinki Vantaa International Airport precinct.

Trombia’s DNA stems from our Nordic European ambition towards cleanliness and cutting edge technology. It was also this drive, that lead us to the several breakthrough innovations in the field of street sweeping and area maintenance.

Understand the thinking behind Trombia – founders tell

During the 2020 concept launch of Trombia Free autonomous systems we decided to tell it all – the story behind Trombia. See the full show on this global premiere presentation.

Green Deal

We at Trombia Tech are dedicated to contributing to the global-wide environment goals in a range of fields.

By innovating and developing the Trombia® technology, we have enabled street cleaning to dramatically decrease waste of water and energy during the process.

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