High power, electric, and born autonomous

Trombia Free is the world’s only high power, autonomous and electric street sweeper system that is designed to automate your industrial district or closed municipal environment cleaning at once. The system includes sweeper units, docking station for autonomous emptying and washing, remote monitoring centre and advanced Helpdesk and support services.

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Exceptional sweeping performance

Based on the state-of-the-art Trombia sweeping technology Trombia Free uses only 10% of the energy compared to traditional city sweepers and performs up to 30 000 m2 of high power cleaning per charge.

All weather autonomous

Trombia Free’s all weather autonomous navigation technology uses 3D lidar data, GNSS satellite services and odometry data with a unique sensor fusion algorithms that provide accuracy in navigation and obstacle detection seamlessly indoors and outdoors.

Below 75db outdoor noise

Trombia Free’s electric powertrain and the patented Trombia sweeping technology perform power sweeping at over 20 db lower noise levels compared to traditional city sweepers.


Trombia Safety system (PlD)

Trombia Free is equipped with a world-leading PLd-classified safety system and complies with essential industrial standards for autonomous mobile machinery in industrial environments. It meets ISO 3691-4 for general safety requirements and ISO 13849 for functional safety, ensuring that Trombia Free is not only powerful but also adheres to the highest standards of safety performance.

Standard compliance:

  • 1. Machinery Directive
  • 2. ISO 12100
  • 3. ISO 13849
  • 4. 2001/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 5. 2014/30/EU EMC-Directive
  • 6. ISO 3691-4 Driverless industrial trucks and their systems

Automate your sweeping


Define the industrial or municipal district

We currently deliver Trombia Free systems to industrial hubs such as seaports, airports, pulp and process industry plants and closed municipal districts such as exhibition centres, gated park districts. The ideal plant size is 0,5 - 6 km with frequent sweeping duties. Sweeping tasks can be indoors or outdoors. In case your site is smaller but want to gain the benefits of Trombia - read more about Trombia sweeper attachment.


Trombia Free Autonomous sweeper

Define how many sweeper units your site is likely to require. This depends on the frequency and the plant size.


Trombia Free Autonomous Service Station OR Trombia Free Manual Docking ramp

Go fully autonomous where the Trombia Free Service Station automates docking, emptying and washing or use a mobile hook-lift truck adaptable manual Trombia Free Service Ramp.


Remote monitoring and control centre

Trombia Free smooth operating centre enables remote monitoring and command tools to schedule, plan and define missions for the autonomous Trombia Free sweepers.


Annual software and helpdesk plan

Trombia Free Software and Helpdesk plan includes annual software updates, cybersecurity updates and helpdesk services that can support you with.


How we do it

Infrastructure agnostic installation

  • Trombia Free requires no sensor installations, lane paintings or other markings around your area.
  • Commissioning process starts when the delivery arrives at your site and we are sweeping literally in minutes.

Environment mapping

  • To begin the commissioning, Trombia Free Commissioning Engineers record and validate the map of your district.
  • After mapping validation, the environment is validated and handed over to your operators for daily sweeping use.

Route planning and teaching

  • The key part of the training program is where your operators learn to design sweeping routes using the radio controller provided together with the sweeper delivery.
  • The Trombia Free sweepers are then scheduled to deliver tasks routinely at the time slots most suitable for your site. For ad-hoc duties you’ll send the sweeper to a mission with a few clicks using the Trombia Free Smooth
    cloud control platform.

Remote monitoring

  • The sweeper can be monitored over the internet connected 360 degrees camera view and assisted using the Trombia Free Smooth control system.

Autonomous dumping and washing

  • The sweeper empties using the autonomous Trombia Free Service Station. At selected intervals the sweeper hopper and dust separating cyclone wash are also performed automatically.

Helpdesk services

  • Trombia’s decades long experience with sweeping products gives us the understanding of type of support our customers when sweeping equipment are out on duty.
  • With Trombia Free Helpdesk plan our service team is monitoring alerts and diagnostics of your sweeper continuously and can give predictive maintenance orders or recommend improved performance based on the system analytics.

Local service plans

  • We also offer service and maintenance plans for quarterly and annual checks and parts supply in options that vary in different local markets. Contact our sales team to learn more on the options in your market.


Case studies

Trombia Free with A2A in Milan MIND Innovation District

Trombia Free – Helsinki airport autonomous sweeping

Trombia Free – Autonomous street sweeping pilot in Helsinki, Finland

Case street sweeper pilot in Espoo


Applications for Trombia Free

Technical specifications

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