Trombia Technologies Compliance and Cybersecurity

Compliance at Trombia Technologies

At Trombia Technologies, we are committed to adhering to legal standards and ethical practices to minimize risks and ensure responsible conduct in all our business activities. Our framework is designed to enforce rules and seamlessly integrate them into our daily operations.

Our Commitment:

  • Ethical Conduct: Every Trombia Technologies employee is committed to following both national and international guidelines on business ethics and social responsibility consistently.
  • Code of Conduct:
    • Foundation: Rooted in our core values, influencing daily behaviors and supplementing our corporate culture.
    • Scope: Applies to all entities within Trombia Technologies, setting a standard for all subsidiary policies.
    • Leadership: Managers exemplify and promote compliance, ensuring adherence within their teams.
  • Key Areas of Focus:
    • Integrity and Transparency: Rejecting all forms of bribery and corruption, ensuring accurate and honest communications.
    • Confidentiality: Safeguarding sensitive information and respecting intellectual property.
    • Fair Treatment: Advocating for diversity and upholding labor standards without tolerance for harassment.
    • Health and Safety: Prioritizing the safety and health of everyone at Trombia Technologies.
    • Environmental Responsibility: Committing to environmental protection and continuous improvement.
    • Quality and Customer Focus: Meeting high standards in product safety and continuously enhancing customer satisfaction.

Cybersecurity at Trombia Technologies

We prioritize robust information security across all systems and products, particularly within IoT environments, to safeguard data and ensure the continuity of operations under all circumstances.

Key Cybersecurity Principles:

  1. Robust Information Security
    • Protect data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
    • Implement best industry practices in coding and security.
    • Regular risk assessments and ongoing threat monitoring.
  2. Active Monitoring and Response
    • Immediate alerts for critical security events.
    • Regular updates and patches to maintain security standards.
    • Active surveillance of IT environments and product systems.
  3. Commitment to Training and Standards
    • Continuous cybersecurity training for all employees.
    • Adherence to the ISO27001 standard, managing and protecting data systematically.
    • Regular audits and updates to our cybersecurity policies.

Contact our compliance sector within FAUN Group for More Information

  • Email: compliance(a)
  • Phone: +49 4795/955-550

Whistleblower system:

In addition to questions and information on compliance-relevant topics, the above-mentioned channels are also available for complaints regarding risks and violations of human rights, environmental aspects, product safety, information security and cybersecurity, as well as type approval issues at Trombia and its direct suppliers.

Questions, comments and complaints can be submitted anonymously or by name. We guarantee that your concerns will be handled confidentially. We assure internal and external whistleblowers that no discrimination or punishment will take place.

If you submit your request by name, you will receive written confirmation of receipt from us within five working days.

The TROMBIA representatives will then work with you on the facts of the case. Your contact person is committed to confidentiality and acts impartially, independently and without instructions.

In the course of processing the incident, necessary remedial measures are defined and implemented.

Information and complaints received are processed with the decision-makers in the company as part of the regular analysis under the protection of confidentiality.

The entire process is documented according to a predefined standard. Upon request, the documentation can be made available to the whistleblower in the event of a report by name.

As a part of the FAUN Group, we comply with the Whistleblower System described here.

Download FAUN Group Whistleblower System description