Sweeping Reborn



Trombia Sweeper runs a high performance broom, that sweeps up heavy debris for which regular suction-based city sweepers are not designed for.


Instead of relying on the heavy and slow suction engine technology, we blast air with high power airknife to remove also the finest PM dust off the pavement.


Trombia Sweeper automatically controls your optimal sweeping position and optimal airknife and sweeping power to achieve the best performance possible at all times.



Trombia is a revolutionary high performance sweeper attachment. It comes with a ready-to-mount kit for your wheel loader and a fraction of lifetime costs compared to sweeper vehicles.

The global-wide patented solution combines a PM 2.5 certified airknife-cyclone sweeping technology, modern sweeping automation, and a touchscreen operation and data monitoring system.

Most of all, Trombia carries out PM dust removal at high speeds up to 8 km/h (6mph) with a 2,2m wide fine dust removal width and as an outcome delivers in ideal locations up to 20 000 m2 cleaned surface / hour.

PM2,5 street dust removal certificate for Trombia sweeper

Solve your dust challenge

Trombia sweeper attachment in municipality in Scandinavia


Remove PM2.5 street dust particles and carry-out spring cleaning effectively.

Trombia sweeper attachment at a racetrack


Pick-up oil absorbers, asphalt dust and mechanical debris.

Trombia sweeper attachment in Port of Turku

Harbors and Airports​

Clean vessel decks, aprons, warehouses, driveways and logistic centres.

Trombia sweeper attachment mounted on Bobcat telescopic loader at a pulp plant

Pulp and Steel Plants

Remove steel and pulp dust fast and effectively.

Trombia sweeper attachment removes recycling waste and fine dust from waste plant

Recycling and Bioplants​

Recycling and waste industries have to deal with challenging materials and fine dust particles.

Trombia sweeper attachments removes silica dust from bioplant

Silica Dust​

Trombia sweeper is the one solution you need for overall silica dust management. Remove silica permanently from your worksite.

Trombia sweeper attachment removes millings and dust from milling rails.

Pavement Contracting​

Trombia sweeper picks up both heavy millings and the fine dust from the milling rail. Trombia leaves the surface dry and ready-to-pave.

Military airports sweeping equipment. Trombia sweeper at a military destination.

Military Bases​

Military airbases, landing sites and training facilities are locations where you need to sweep fast , accurately and quiet.

Trombia experiences


Trombia sweeper kehrmaschine in Switzerland
The reasons for the purchase were mainly related to dust, because with your model we have zero dust. In terms of use, it only takes a few hours of practice to understand everything. The handling of the tool is very fast, and the use is quite simple to understand thanks to the screen which is very easy to use. In terms of gains at work: the speed of work thanks to the cleanliness after the first pass which is excellent and the capacity of the tank of the sweeper which is large and also more compact compared to our old model which exceeded 30cm more on each side !! This is a model that I would recommend to any company.
Luginbühl et Cie SA
Industrial plant contractor
"Before Trombia we swept with rotary brooms that did not pick up the material. We bought Trombia after a demonstration, as it looked so fast and simple way to keep the port area clean. After two years, have to say it works great. On our large surfaces it is perfect. Plus it is easy to empty and easy to clean."
Hallands Hamnar, Varberg, Sweden
Port maintenance
Trombia sweeper attachment at Vaasa city municipal cleaning
"In only a couple of weeks it was evident this purchase was exceptionally good investment. The Trombia achieves significantly more dust controlled cleaning during street dust season. We can start cleaning earlier even when night time temperature drops below zero, because Trombia won't water the ground."
City of Vaasa, Finland
Municipal maintenance
"We have invested in several Trombia sweepers for our pulp and cargo terminal operations. With Trombia we have been able to achieve significantly higher level of cleanliness in our areas. This is particularly importanty in warehouses where our clients expect accurate dust removal. That was never possible with regular sweepers."
Adolf Lahti Oy, Helsinki / Kotka, Finland
Seaport terminal operations, warehouse maintenance
"The main reason for purchasing Trombia were the exceptional dust removal and dust control capabilities. Maintenance costs with Trombia have been marginal - only wear out items really. Difference in efficiency compared to our previous solution - a self propelled compact sweeper - is huge. Speed, area coverage and cleaning result are on different level."
Arkea Oy, Turku, Finland
Tunnel maintenance, waste water plants
"With Trombia you can keep up high speeds through the spring cleaning season and thanks to the collection capacity and work width your efficiency is dramatically larger compared to other sweeping equipment!."
MHS Palvelut Oy, Mikkeli, Finland
Street cleaning and industrial property cleaning services
"Multifunctionality is the key with Trombia. You can employ your wheel loader in high performance suction sweeping duties."
Konepalvelu Rauhamaki Oy, Lahti, Finland
Street cleaning and industrial property cleaning services
"Trombia has been a terrific investment. When we did one demo services to our port customer, the sweeping services have since been ordered from us!"
Vellogs Oy, Helsinki Port, Finland
Port, Pulp Warehouse and Vessel deck cleaning at Port of Helsinki

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