Sweeping Reborn

Trombia Sweeper

20,000 m2

Area cleaned per hour


PM Dust Removal

15 km/h

Power Sweeping


Saved Water

0 m2
Cleaned Area Per Hour
0 %
PM Dust Removal
0 km/h
Debris Sweeping
0 %
Water Saved


Trombia Sweeper runs a high performance broom, that sweeps up heavy debris for which regular suction-based city sweepers are not designed for.


Instead of relying on the heavy and slow suction engine technology, we blast air with high power airknife to remove also the finest PM dust off the pavement.


Trombia Sweeper automatically controls your optimal sweeping position and optimal airknife and sweeping power to achieve the best performance possible at all times.

Why Trombia

Turn your loader into a full-scale city sweeper

Trombia is a revolutionary high performance sweeper attachment. It comes with a ready-to-mount kit for your wheel loader and a fraction of lifetime costs compared to sweeper vehicles.

The global-wide patented solution combines a PM 2.5 certified airknife-cyclone sweeping technology, modern sweeping automation, and a touchscreen operation and data monitoring system.

Most of all, Trombia carries out PM dust removal at high speeds up to 8 km/h (6mph) with a 2,2m wide fine dust removal width and as an outcome delivers in ideal locations up to 20 000 m2 cleaned surface / hour.

Solve your dust challenge


Trombia concept in brief

Why sweeping reborn

Hear from our customers

Trombia experiences

"Multifunctionality is the key with Trombia. You can employ your wheel loader in high performance suction sweeping duties."
Konepalvelu Rauhamaki Oy
Street cleaning and industrial property cleaning services
"Trombia has been a terrific investment. When we did one demo services to our port customer, the sweeping services have since been ordered from us!"
Vellogs Oy
Port, Pulp Warehouse and Vessel deck cleaning at Port of Helsinki