Press Release: Trombia Technologies takes part in co-innovation project “MURO” to radically renew service robot business

Trombia Technologies takes part in co-innovation project “MURO” to radically renew service robot business

Trombia Technologies takes part in a two year co-innovation project run by one of Europe’s leading research institutions VTT. The “Multi-purpose Service Robotics as Operator Business” (MURO) project aims to change the way service robots are sold, acquired and applied. During the project the goal is to radically renew service robotics business and boost Finnish companies’ exports.

“We are excited to be part of this forward looking research initiative. From our part it focuses on identifying the possibilities of property and facilities maintenance operators’ future platforms. Service operators around the world have been actively in touch with us regarding Trombia Free and this is a great project to involve several of them in creating the future of sustainable area maintenance”, says Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Trombia Technologies.

According to the long-term vision of the consortium, service robots will be in shared use among several customer companies operating in the same premises, such as shopping malls, hotel/office complexes, industrial buildings, factories or mass transport hubs like airports.

MURO project is a two-year project ongoing until 30 March, 2023. Total budget of the co-innovation project is app. EUR 4,9 million and it is funded by Business Finland. Along Trombia Technologies the following companies providing mobile robotics solutions, related software and B2B services take part in the project: Avertas Robotics, Dimalog, GIM Robotics, K. Hartwall, KONE, Navitec Systems, Solteq and Telia.

The consortium includes a dream team of scaling global services, unlocking the challenges of networks and cyber-security and solving the everyday challenges of service robots in real-life applications. Our job is to focus on the outdoor solutions: on street and area maintenance, Nikkanen continues.

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Trombia Technologies is a Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer known for its innovation for dust and snow clearing technologies. Company’s flagship innovation, global-wide patented Trombia sweeping technology, is designed to offer sweeping operators global-wide a more sustainable, cost-efficient, easier-to maintain and faster alternative for combating both mechanical debris and fine dust challenges in paved areas. Trombia Free autonomous sweepers, launched on September 29th, 2020, outline the company’s vision to grow from a fast-growing SME and innovator, into the world’s leading city sweeping technology provider in the modern greener and more sustainable city cleaning era.