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Finnish Trombia Technologies unveils the world’s first full power, electric and autonomous sweeping system for series deliveries at IFAT 2022

Finnish sweeping and snow removal technology developer Trombia Technologies launches the world’s first full-power, electric and autonomous area sweeping system. The sales launch includes the full autonomous offering for closed environments and industrial districts.For municipal applications on public streets Trombia […]

Press Release: Trombia partners with ISS to pilot autonomous sweeping at Helsinki Airport

Pilot: Autonomous sweeper managing the hustle and bustle of Helsinki Airport parking lot and its outdoor premises

Press Release: Cubex Limited appointed as the official dealer of Trombia silica and pm2,5 street dust sweepers in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba

Waterless Trombia technology removes permanently the particularly harmful silica dust and enables year-round sweeping also in sub-zero temperatures. European sweeper manufacturer Trombia Technologies has appointed Canadian Cubex Ltd as the official dealer for its EUnited PM2,5 certified Trombia street sweeper […]

Press Release: Trombia Free sweeping street dust in Helsinki quietly and without emission at night

The agile pilot involves testing ways to clean the streets of the residential area in a manner that hinders the residents’ everyday life as little as possible and without emissions in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki. Pilot is organized by […]