Agropark Liptov s.r.o appointed as the first official dealer of Trombia® silica and pm2,5 street dust sweepers in Slovakia

Waterless Trombia technology removes permanently the particularly harmful silica dust and enables year-round sweeping also in sub-zero temperatures.

Finnish sweeper manufacturer Trombia Technologies has appointed AGROPARK LIPTOV s.r.o as the first official dealer for its PM2,5-certified Trombia waterless street sweeper attachments in Slovakia.

Demo shows in Slovakia start straight away. The Managing Director Dominik Feketik of AGROPARK LIPTOV s.r.o truly has trust for TROMBIA brand, its patent and the premium quality that makes it a great investment:

– We have been selling and servicing municipal equipment for more than seven years and were looking for something innovative, something that would differentiate us from the competition and at the same time show our market that trends in sweeping are changing. Everyone who cares about the cleanliness and maintenance of their surroundings should have this machine, says Dominik Feketik, Managing Director of AGROPARK LIPTOV s.r.o.

Making sweeping more efficient with patented technology

Trombia attachments are mounted with wheel loaders, telescopic loaders and large agricultural tractors and enable year-round street and area maintenance. Sweepers are equipped with a large 1,8m3 / 2,4 yd3 hopper capacity, which makes them comparable to regular compact sweeper vehicles.

The most unique feature of Trombia sweeper attachments is that they are completely filter-free and use a globally patented technology that combines airknife dust removal, mechanical sweeping, vacuum and cyclone separation. Inside Trombia’s sweeping chamber the sweeping process is carried out fully waterless, which enables a higher accuracy and perfection in sweeping results.

– During the covid restrictions, we have taken the time to look for the right partners for the next round of global expansion. Our great start in other Central European countries encouraged us to look in Slovakia. In AGROPARK LIPTOV s.r.o we have found a partner that has great focus on excellent customer focus pre- and after sales, said Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Trombia Technologies.

Silica dust is a critical work safety issue

In January 2018, the European Commission issued a revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens at Work Directive (2017/2398/EC). This directive, enforced now by member states, sets a maximum legal limit of worksite silica dust exposure in an 8-hour work shift to 0.1 mg / m3. The EU directive also binds you to keep pulp and wood dust levels below 2 mg / m3.

Trombia technology is designed to support operators to get below these levels, with the permanent removal of even the finest dust from the precinct.

The future of sweeping is electric and autonomous

Trombia Technologies is currently piloting Trombia Free, the world’s first full-power autonomous street sweeper. Trombia Free units are equipped with an all-weather autonomous, lidar-based, machine vision technology that filtrates the noise coming from the environment in rainy, snowy or alternative conditions. Trombia Free cleaning devices use less than 15% of the power required by currently available heavy suction sweeping technologies and will help cities to reduce their carbon emissions significantly in the near future. Trombia Free will be available for purchase in 2022.

More information:

CEO Antti Nikkanen, antti.nikkanen(a), tel. +358 40 722 8309

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Trombia Technologies is a Finnish road maintenance equipment manufacturer known for its innovation for dust and snow clearing technologies. Company’s flagship innovation, global-wide patented Trombia sweeping technology, is designed to offer sweeping operators global-wide a more sustainable, cost-efficient, easier-to maintain and faster alternative for combating both mechanical debris and fine dust challenges in paved areas.

Trombia Free autonomous sweepers, launched on September 29th, 2020, outline the company’s vision to grow from a fast-growing SME and innovator, into the world’s leading city sweeping technology provider in the modern greener and more sustainable city cleaning era.