Trombia Free is the world’s first full power, electric and autonomous street sweeper.

The revolutionary sweeping technology uses 85% less energy and 95% less water compared to traditional suction sweeper technologies.

Our bold statement is that everything will change. What everything? Please continue to discover.

Trombia Free
pilot programs are ongoing

Our mission is to electrify and automate street cleaning in modern cities and industrial destinations in the most sustainable way possible. 

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Trombia Free is made for a pleasant, clean, and sustainable environment.

What everything?


Trombia Free is designed to perform in finest PM2.5 dust removal and heavy mechanical debris sweeping.

At the same time, the average power used in cleaning work varies between 6 kw - 16 kw. With the global-wide patented Trombia sweeping technology this power input is sufficient to deliver the cleaning performance of the heavy duty street scrubbers that are commonly equipped with over 100 kw suction engine power.

Unlike other electric sweepers in the market, Trombia Free has made no compromises with the performance to save battery life.

If you look at electric compact street sweepers and their diesel-powered equivalents, you'll find that suction and sweeping engine power has been decreased down by 90% when the sweeper has been electrified. This has the same impact on actual performance.

Trombia Free can deliver autonomously 5 000 - 15 000 m2 of power-cleaned area surface every hour.


Trombia Free uses in regular urban area sweeping only 6 kwH of energy per sweeping hour. This makes Trombia Free a unique electric heavy duty vehicle across all industries. 

Trombia Free is equipped with either Lithium-Ion Battery Packs of 45,6 kwh (Single Pack) or 91,2 kwh (Double Pack). These battery packs will give you 8,5 - 17 hours of non-stop regular urban area sweeping (EN15429-2)  or 4 - 8 hours of non-stop high power street scrubbing.

When you consider the area coverage that you achieve with 4-8 hours of non-stop high power Trombia sweeping - the energy efficiency is fully underlined. Trombia Free uses only approximately 1.0 - 1,5 kWh of energy in 1000 m2.


Modern high power street cleaning fleets include several heavy equipment vehicles operating slowly along the streets. The diesel-fuel consumption is over 20 l / hour per vehicle. 


In particular the slow-moving suction sweeper, with over 60 - 100 kW suction engine, and only marginal cleaning efficiency, is a heavy consumer for diesel fuel. 


This results in dramatic amount of CO2 emissions, and the only way to combat the over 3 million CO2 kg tons that street sweepers around the world cause, is to change to a greener and more power-efficient option. Trombia Free is the solution.


Trombia Free's base technology Trombia, has been certified in the European EUnited PM2.5 Test to the highest 4-star category. In the Trombia's self-initiated dust removal tests in 2017 the same technology was found to remove over 96% of fine PM2.5 dust particles off the street surface.

Trombia Free also saves water over 95% compared to existing suction sweeper technologies. Enough said.


Trombia Free's autonomous machine vision is based on a lidar-based point cloud system. Our advanced algorithm and localisation capability allows us to operate accurately indoors, outdoors, darkness and light, rain, snow and sunshine. 


You will get your job done regardless of the weather.


Street sweeping vehicles cost hefty 6-figure investments. Thus, we don't want to give customers any excuses to purchase diesel-fueled sweepers anymore. 


To change the world overnight from diesel-fueled alternatives to Trombia Free, we will be changing the purchasing model to operators to a pay per square meter model.


This means that as the city or port contractor, you will no longer be only a customer, you become our partner. We carry out business together with Trombia Free platform and you only pay us for the efficient use of Trombia Free - per square meter. 


Trombia Free is designed for the modern life in smart cities.


Your sweepers operate nightshifts and they have to be significantly quieter than existing high power street scrubbers. That is what Trombia Free is.



Trombia Free operations platform is equipped to monitor and observe the functionality and cleaning performance of your Trombia Free fleet.


After the day's duty you are able to invoice the cleaned square meters with one click from your customers, and every invoice includes automatically the amount of CO2 emissions saved by doing the work with Trombia Free - instead of the bad and loud diesel sweepers. 


During 2021 we seek to include in the operations platform also a marketplace model, where your clients can publish new cleaning projects for you to bid in. One-click bid, client agrees, and off you go giving the command for your Trombia Free. This feature will increase utilization of your fleet dramatically.


Trombia Free's command and operations system is developed in-house by Trombia Technologies.


This means that integration and upgrading the Trombia Free units with new data collection features such as air quality measurement, road-AI or digital twin recording is made agile and straight-forward through the interfaces.


Integration to smart cities also requires logistics integration to existing waste systems. From this we already have examples of for example two alternative disposal logistic systems:


The Demountable Skip System


The Sealed Cassette System


Tekniset tiedot


Electric power system

Working width

2,2 metres (up to 3,0m with two gutter brooms)

Fine dust removal width

2,2 metres

Battery System

45,6kwh Lithium-ion Battery package (Single)

91,2kwh Lithium-ion Battery package (Double)

Charging System

AC On-board for mains plug

Supercharger options to be brought available.

Charging time

0 - 100% 5h through high power plug

0 - 100% 15h through regular 230V mains plug

Driving Performance

Actual sweeping and high-power dust removal

speed 1 – 6 km/h.

Dust removal technology

2,2 metres wide fine dust PM2.5/PM10 removal

Up to 3,0m wide mechanical removal

Trombia® High performance broom system

Trombia® Airknife technology

Trombia® Cyclone technology

Actual fine dust removal efficiency 4 400 - 8 800m2 / h

Mechanical sweeping features

30cm vertical float

10 degrees horizontal float

Left side / Right side gutter broom options

Power requirement, high power

Average 10 kw

Energy consumption per cleaned square meter, high power

0,001kwh / m2

Power intake, general urban area cleaning

6 kw

Energy consumption per general urban area cleaning

0,0006kwh / m2

Power intake transport movement


Autonomy (EN 15429)

8.5 hours (Single Battery Package)

17 hours (Double Battery Package)

Autonomy (Continuous high-power street cleaning)

4 hours (Single Battery Package)

8 hours (Double Battery Package)


Empty weight 2 600 kg







Waste hopper


CO2 Emissions

0 CO2 kg / sweeping hour

CO2 Savings per 1000m2 cleaned

(Comparison to similar level

diesel-fueled 130kw suction street


32,5 kg CO2 emissions / 1000m2


0,6l – 0,8l / min

Water savings per 1000m2 cleaned

150+ liters / 1000m2

PM2.5/PM10 dust removal capability

Up to 96%

Noise pollution levels

Front - 1m: 78db

Front - 5m: 70db

Front - 10m: 68db

Side - 1m: 68db

Side - 5m: 62db

Side - 10m: 58db

What is Pre-Registration?

How to buy?

The Trombia Free Pilot Programme 2021 is a perfect way to get started with Trombia Free immediately.

We expect our Pilot Programme partners to be from different applications, countries and climates. If you operate cleaning at a seaport, airport, parking lot or smart city project – this Programme is for you. We expect our Pilot Programme partners to fully commit to the greener future of street cleaning and secure significant amount of area to be cleaned for Trombia Free.

Pre-sales start 2021 summer​

We will start selling production of 2022 in pre-sales that will start from the Norwegian and German markets during the summer of 2021. 

You can reserve your spot by expressing your interest already now through the pre-registration.

Deliveries start early 2022

From the pre-sales window the first series manufacturing lines bring fully autonomous Trombia Free units to you during the first months of 2022. You can secure your spot by pre-registering above.

Revolutionary Pay-Per-Square Meter Model

The last and probably the most exciting thing about the coming market rollout of Trombia Free. Become our distributing operator partner by filling out the application here. The Pay-Per-Square-Meter model means, you will become an autonomous street sweeper fleet contractor, who sells clean square meters to your end-users. 

We train you to operate the fleet, maintain it and deliver clean urban or industrial areas for your clients or own precinct. We charge you only for the time when the broom is in operation, your main commitment will be the square meters’ that you commit in advance. If this sounds, too strange to you, don’t worry the regular purchasing and leasing models will also be made available.

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