For Racetracks

Simply Effective Racetrack Cleaning

Application Benefits

Trombia Airknife Sweeper uses no water on the cleaning surface, which makes it ideal for racetrack cleaning. Fine dust particles are removed with the Trombia Airknife and dust is controlled inside the Trombia sweeping mechanism. 

Trombia's 2.2 metres wide fine dust removal is second to none. Racetracks are long and large areas where time matters - with Trombia you deliver up to 20 000 m2 dust-cleaned surfaces every hour.

Trombia's High performance broom together with the airknife are perfect for fast pick-up of oil absorbents. 

At a racetrack the track must be kept clean of larger waste such as steel waste as well. Unlike suction based sweepers Trombia's mechanical and airknife sweeping are ideal for both the fines and the heavier waste.

Having an idle sweeper truck loitering around the racetrack in the middle of anyway large fixed costs? Trombia mounts on the wheel loader you have anyway on the site - it's simply put a smart investment.

Trombia sweeper on a racetrack

Speed is Key at Your Racetrack


At a racetrack you meet several sweeping challenges; asphalt dust, steel and oil waste, oil absorbents, even sand and heavier debris. With your sweeping solution you must be able to cover all this without watering the track surface. That’s what Trombia is made for.

Trombia Sweeper achieves fine dust cleaning efficiency of 10 000 – 20 000 m2/h (7 000 – 14 000 yd2) which exceeds any powerful suction sweeping technologies regularly available.

See the animation that highlights the efficiency of Trombia sweeper compared to a traditional suction sweeper.

Cleaning Performance Second to None


Trombia sweeper removes up to 95 % of the finest dust particles off the track surface. Trombia’s mechanical sweeping system also picks up any heavier debris or steel waste found on the track surface.

Waterless sweeping surface

At a racetrack use of water on the track surface is a no-go. Trombia Airknife Sweepers operate on fully dry sweeping surface, leaving the track in perfect racing condition at all times.