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The High Performance Broom Attachment for Defense Forces


At military bases such as plane landing sites, safety is critical. Whether it is the large debris or the fine dust being the threat for plane engines – you have to take care of it firmly. 


Trombia Sweeper is designed to remove both fine dust and larger debris. 

Noise factor

Trombia sweeper is significantly more quiet compared to suction-engine powered sweepers. The noise level you reach is the loader noise that is generated during regular engine revolutions.


Speed is the key, that’s what they taught us in the Finnish army. Trombia sweeper achieves up to 20 000 m2 / h cleaning efficiency. When the sites are large, this becomes a key factor of your sweeper choice.

World leading dust control

Trombia sweeper is equipped with world-leading dust control technology the Trombia® Cyclone. 


Trombia is PM2.5 certified to the highest standard of the European Union dust control test EUnited PM Test.



Year-round sweeping

Military bases remain in operation year-round, and also underground. You need a sweeper to do the job also in sub-zero temperatures. Trombia uses no water that can freeze the ground, hence it will keep you going year-round in all conditions.

Ethical Principles


We at Trombia Technologies are following strict ethical principles for handling enquiries regarding the use of our products at defence force applications. At the same time, we understand that our technology is capable of offering safer and cleaner environment for a range of defense sites. For enquiries of our options to offer safe environment at military bases please contact our team:

Antti Nikkanen
Trombia Technologies Oy

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