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Powerful Broom Attachment To Remove Silica Dust

Application Benefits
Comply with the Silica Dust regulation

In January 2018, the European Commission issued a revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens at Work Directive (2017/2398/EC). This directive, enforced now by member states, sets a maximum legal limit of worksite silica dust exposure in an 8-hour work shift to 0.1 mg / m3. The EU directive also binds you to keep pulp and wood dust levels below 2 mg / m3.


In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration set the standard even lower, to 0.05 mg / m3.  Worksites where workers are exposed to over 0.05 mg / m3 are hence breaching the well-known Silica rule.

Trombia is designed to support you to get below these levels, with the permanent removal of the silica dust from your precinct. Note that OSHA’s standard for housekeeping expects you to water the surface instead of removing the dust. However, watering the dusty surface while sweeping will only make the problem come back soon after it has dried up – you save money and time by removing dust more accurately at once.

Trombia removes dust from a fully dry surface. We use marginal amount of dust suppression water inside the hopper to support the Trombia® Cyclone operations, complying the Silica rules. Most importantly, Trombia removes up to 96% of the fine dust from the surface, seals it in a container, and disposes it to a disposal site of your choice.

Remove silica fast

Trombia removes large stones and gravel as well as the silica dust particles off from your site. Trombia has a 2.2metres wide fine dust removal width with a capability to pick up fine dust with up to 8 km/h (6mph) speed. This means, you can clean up your site with an efficiency of 10 000 – 20 000 m2 / hour. 


Taking care of the dust problem is no more a burden.

Clean dust from "no-water zones"

If you are carrying out industrial operations with silica dust accumulation, you often have areas, where use of water is in no way possible. This can be due to chemical reactions, freezing danger or other causes. 

Trombia uses no water on the cleaned surface, so you can use the unit year-round in all parts of your site.

Sweep away heavier debris

Trombia is not only about dust removal. The Trombia® high performance broom will sweep and pick-up any debris or waste up to fist-size. 

Mounted on the ready wheel loader at your site

Trombia is mounted on your wheel loader, that is readily available on your site. The power source is the auxiliary hydraulics of the loader, which means you don’t have to invest in a separate sweeper vehicle that typically costs over 200 – 300 000 $. Powered-by-hydraulics means also that you don’t have additional engines to maintain.

See the Power of the Trombia® Cyclone

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Trombia Sweeper Attachment separates the finest harmful silica dust at the bottom the debris hopper of the unit. The cyclone is emptied at the same time with the sweeper hopper simply with one click on the Trombia® touchscreen.

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How does it work? Does it work with my wheel loader? How to control Trombia?

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