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Application Benefits
Clean your pulp or steel plant from dust

Trombia sweeper removes up to 96% of finest dust particles from your precinct. Trombia sweeper does this on waterless surface, which means that you can use the sweeper year-round and in all outdoor areas as well as indoor halls.


Traditional sweeping methods tie the dust on the ground surface with water and, hence, you continue to struggle with the dust challenge once the wet surface dries up. This problem is managed accurately with Trombia.

Want a sweeper with less downtime?

Pulp, wood and steel plants typically contain also a lot of trash and debris that may easily damage any suction-based sweeping vehicles. 


Trombia sweeper has been designed on a firm steel body without filters, conveyor belts suction inlets, or engines that are easily damaged in rougher conditions. 

Mounts on your ready wheel loader

Instead of having to invest in a suction sweeper vehicle (cost 200 000 $+), you get more powerful cleaning performance by mounting a Trombia sweeper attachment on the wheel loader that your plant has readily available. 

Sweeping of heavy debris, including steel waste

Unlike suction sweepers, Trombia has been designed to handle both the heavy and the fines. The Trombia® high performance broom is acting as a powerful mechanical sweeper in front of the fine dust removing airknife technology. Everything up to fist-size stones is picked up accurately. 

Take care of the health of your employees

Spreading dust in the air of pulp or steel plants is a critical employee health matter. Respirable illnesses such as lung cancer are found to be directly linked to PM2.5 particle-sized dust in the breathing air. 


At an industrial plant this dust typically contains increasingly harmful chemicals and items. Trombia Sweeper is certified to be at the highest level of PM2.5 dust control and capabilities by the European United PM Test. 

Fast Dust Cleaning Made Simple


When it comes to sweepers that are capable of accurately remove finest PM2.5 / PM10 dust while they sweep, the critical measurement to observe is the width of the suction inlet. 

You will be surprised that most often the sweepers are equipped with only 60cm – 80 cm suction inlets, and the rest of the sweeping duty is done with mechanical gutter brooms around the suction. 

Another critical measurement is the speed at which the chosen sweeper technology can actually use that suction inlet effectively.

This is where Trombia tops any sweeper product in the world: 

Trombia Sweeper achieves fine dust cleaning efficiency of 10 000 – 20 000 m2/h (7 000 – 14 000 yd2).

Trombia has Marginal Lifecycle Costs

Best Return on Investment
Cost driver Trombia Compact Sweeper Suction sweeper truck
Startup investment
70 000 $ / EUR
200 000 $
350 000 $ - 500 000 $
Annual parts and maintenance costs (estimate 500 sweeping hours)
8 000 $
15 000 $
20 000 $
Depreciation / year (5-year period)
14 000 $
40 000 $
70 000 $ - 100 000 $
Total annual incremental cost
22 000 $
55 000 $
90 000 $ - 110 000 $
Area cleaned in 500 hours (60% of time cleaning work)
1 111 acres
222 acres
593 acres

Cost per acre

19 $

247 $

151 - 185 $ / acre

PM2.5 area cleaning in 500 hours (Fine dust removal capability)
741 acres
44 acres
237 acres

Cost per acre

29 $ / acre

1 250 $ / acre

379 $ - 464 $ / acre

Industrial plants have significant fixed costs to maintain year-round operations. Having a sweeper truck idle on the site after hefty 200 000 € / $ + investment is not a valid option. Contractors with suction sweepers have to charge premium for cleaning your site due to the heavy debris that may damage their suction equipment.

As the industrial plants always have wheel loaders ready for maintenance operation, you can now use the existing loader for delivering a cleaner and healthier industrial plant for your employees and customers.

The lifetime costs for a Trombia sweeper attachment are marginal compared to high power suction or regenerative sweeping vehicles.

Sounds too good to be true? Get started by seeing it live yourself:


"Trombia allows us to keep premises clean"

Customer Experience
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A concrete plant in Czech Republic, Gellner Beton, shares their thoughts on Trombia Sweeper. 

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