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One Pass Sweeper for your Milling Site

Application Benefits
One pass for heavy pick-up and fines

Trombia Sweeper is designed to pick up heavy millings up to fist-size pieces and the fine dust and silica in one pass of sweeping.

No waiting for surface dry-up

Trombia sweepers control dust with a global-wide patented Trombia® technology. The technology uses no water on the cleaned surface, which means that dust removal is more effective and you don’t have to wait for the surface to dry up after sweeping. This speeds up new paving operations dramatically, as the ongoing regulation of dust control is intensifying.

Better quality pavement

Mechanical sweepers are normally used at milling sites to remove the millings sand, gravel and larger dust. The fine dust on the milling rail must be removed accurately in order to deliver top-quality pavement for your clients. For this use, high quality paving companies have been using suction sweeping technologies, which cost significant amount of money and carry a lot of downtime in these heavy conditions.


With Trombia, the airknife technology removes fine dust up to 96% and the Trombia High performance broom inside the unit takes care of the heavier stuff during the same sweep.

World leading dust control

Trombia technology is certified to the highest degree of PM2.5/PM10 dust control by the EUnited PM Test, which is the global benchmark of fine dust control for sweepers. 



Commonly pavement sites have been utilizing pick up brooms and bucket brushes that require reversing with the skid steer or the wheel loader. This causes a serious continuous safety concern at a worksite. 

Trombia Sweeper is driven forwards with significantly less passes required, and significantly less reversing around the highway site.

Mounted on the loader at the milling site

Typically milling sites have been forced to equip the fleet with a separate sweeper truck for the sweeping duties. Unfortunately, the truck has no other function at the site.


Trombia Sweeper is mounted on your wheel loader readily on site, which gives a great boost on the profitability of your millings fleet.

Simply a Better Investment over Sweeper Trucks

Cost Efficiency
Cost driver Trombia Compact Sweeper Suction sweeper truck
Startup investment
70 000 $ / EUR
200 000 $
350 000 $ - 500 000 $
Annual parts and maintenance costs (estimate 500 sweeping hours)
8 000 $
15 000 $
20 000 $
Depreciation / year (5-year period)
14 000 $
40 000 $
70 000 $ - 100 000 $
Total annual incremental cost
22 000 $
55 000 $
90 000 $ - 110 000 $
Area cleaned in 500 hours (60% of time cleaning work)
1 111 acres
222 acres
593 acres

Cost per acre

19 $

247 $

151 - 185 $ / acre

PM2.5 area cleaning in 500 hours (Fine dust removal capability)
741 acres
44 acres
237 acres

Cost per acre

29 $ / acre

1 250 $ / acre

379 $ - 464 $ / acre

Milling site operations have significant fixed costs to operate year-round. Having a sweeper truck idle on the site after hefty 300 000 € / $ + investment is not a valid option. See the below table for rough comparison of the sweeper alternatives for your pavement business.

As your site often has wheel loaders readily on site, you can now use the loader for delivering the world leading cleaning performance.

Get started by seeing it live yourself:

Minimize downtime


Downtime is the pain for your business, and we hear you.

During the past years we have been to dozens of milling sites, with sweeper trucks and vehicles sitting idle around the precinct waiting for a conveyor belt, suction pipe or engine maintenance, or a filter clean-up. A milling site is a rough place for all sweeping equipment.

Trombia sweeper does not contain washable filters, separate suction engines or pick-up heads or any conveyor belts. We have minimized the downtime by reinventing the way sweeping should be done. 

With Trombia, your operators’ crash to the manhole can definitely still cause damage but they damage a quick replaceable bolted lip plate that takes the hit.

Sweeping and moving the heavy millings items wears out every sweeper faster. With Trombia we have designed a quick periodically replaceable bolted steel plate that takes the wear-out hit and is replaced approximately every 80 -160 hours of broom rotation.

These two wear out items will increase the predictability of your maintenance and as they are designed to be quick-replaceable and quick moving parts, the costs of these parts are also marginal compared to the constant maintenance of sweeper trucks.

The only thing your operator must be remember every day, is to wash the Trombia hopper and the Cyclone® properly after every day. Unlike your regular broom attachment, Trombia sweeper handles a significant amount of fine dust, which must be cleaned from the hopper after the day. For this we recommend the Trombia® pressure washer kit which makes the cleaning after the day quick and simple.

Want Trombia for your skid steer?
Skid Steer Match

We have both good news and bad news. 

A skid steer loader in most cases is too small to carry and power a Trombia sweeper. Unless you have a skid steer with certain capability of lifting over 3000 kg / 7700lb far front from the skid loader, you would need to look an alternative high-end sweeper attachment.


The good news, we have the best alternative for your skid steer.


Snowek® H-series bucket sweeper equipped with our innovative high-pressure dust suppression technology enables you to achieve better cleaning results than regular broom attachments and over 52% better dust control compared to traditional water sprinkler brooms. Not exactly a Trombia, but a great product too.

Learn more about Snowek H-series:

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