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Solve your dust challenge

High Performance Sweeper Attachment for Wheel Loader

Recycling centers and bio plants accumulate significant amount of health-critical dust. Finest PM2.5 and PM10 sized dust particles spread in the air into the breathing of your plant employees and visitors as well as to nature as a whole. 


There are no alternatives, than to remove and dislocate the dust to disposal points and Trombia is the ideal solution for this duty. Trombia removes off permanently up to 96% of the PM dust, seals it into a dust container and empties it quickly and properly into the disposal point of your choice.



Trombia is extremely fast. With the 2.2 metres wide dust removal width, you can clean up over 10 000m2 of area per hour. This means, you are no more bound to wait for the once a week sweeping contractor or take a full day of sweeping your plant every once in a while. With Trombia take care of the cleanliness of the plant more frequently.

Recycling centres often have a range of heavier debris, such as wood and plastic waste. Trombia is designed to be able to take care of both the heavy and the fines.

Trombia Sweeper is certified to the highest rating of EUnited PM2.5/PM10 dust control test. 


When you take care of your plant cleaning with Trombia, you don't need to invest six figures sums for a compact sweeper or a sweeper truck, which are unused the rest of the time. Trombia is mounted on a wheel loader that is readily available at your recycling centre.

Solve your dust challenge


At a recycling plant you meet several sweeping challenges dust, steel and plastic waste, gas burned ashes, sand and heavier debris. With your sweeping solution you must be able to cover all this to keep the environment safe to work. If you have to wait for a weekly or monthly clean-up the dust and recycling waste accumulates causing health risks and accident-proneness.

A fast moving plug and play sweeper attachment for your wheel loader will make plant upkeep simple and efficient. 

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