Air. Mechanical. Waterless.


Whether it is the finest PM dust or the heavier debris, Trombia is the sweeper that gets your job done. Find out more.




The 2,2m wide Trombia Airknife gives you enormous efficiency in both fine dust and debris removal. The Airknife blasts with over 150 km/h on the road surface and removes the fine silica and street dust off the ground to air circulation.


During the Trombia Technology cleaning process a powerful Trombia Cyclone is cleaning the air inside the air circulation. The cleaned air is then blasted back on the surface with the Trombia Airknife. See the Trombia Cyclone operations inside the Trombia Sweeper on this video >>


The horizontally and vertically floating Trombia performance broom is 2,2 metres wide and picks up the sand, debris and waste. Trombia broom uses 915mm (36”) wafer brush rings that are replaced after 80 – 200 hours of broom rotation.


Trombia sweeping and dust removal delivers the greatest performance on waterless surfaces. The primary dust control method with Trombia sweeping is its unique cyclone separator technology that enables waterless sweeping surfaces, but is PM2.5 certified to the highest standards in global street sweeping.

Trombia technology explained


Speed and performance

If you have routine sweeping duties to be covered, Trombia makes those days smooth and fast. With the 2,2 metres wide dust removal width and the speed of the Trombia Airknife Technology, you actually deliver up to 10 000 – 20 000 m2 cleaned surfaces every hour.

Get the job done - with minimized downtime

Trombia is the sweeper for the range of duties from heaviest debris to finest dust particles. Large 1,8m3 hopper capacity makes Trombia comparable to any compact size sweeper vehicle.

Last, but not least, Trombia’s patented design includes no washable filters, no conveyor belts or suction nozzles that would be easy to damage and lead to increasing downtime!