Trombia Sweeper for Municipalities

Clean your streets smarter than ever

Application Benefits

Clean your community over 20 000 m2 / h

Trombia Sweeping technology continues to deliver also fine dust removal in speeds up to 8 km/h which gives you market-leading speed and efficiency in area cleaning.  With 2.2 metres wide fine dust removal width and over 2,5m wide total sweeping width you take care of the street cleanup efficiently. 

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In street maintenance contracts or maintenance projects, where PM10 suction performance is required, cities and contractors have become used to using fleets of several heavy equipment.

  • First, the watering trucks water the streets for dust control.
  • Second, the mechanical sweeping equipment are used to remove gravel, sand and heavier debris
  • Last a suction sweeper truck finishes the duty with dust removal.

Trombia replaces all these heavy machinery in your fleet, increases your speed of operation dramatically and comes with a significantly better return on your money.


Minimizing the amount of heavy equipment used in street cleaning operations decreases the amount of CO2 emissions of the street maintenance operations.

By using equipment that clean 5 to 10 times more area in the same timeframe with the similar hourly fuel consumption level, you decrease CO2 emissions even more.


Regular mechanical sweepers and suction sweepers use excessive amount of water on the pavement surface. The dust is then tied on the street even tighter and requires excessive amount of suction power for optimal removal.

Trombia Sweeper does this more effectively by operating on fully dry street surfaces. Dust is removed more accurately at once.


Municipalities that use Trombia Sweeper for spring cleanup can start and finish spring cleaning significantly earlier.

As Trombia does not use water on the street you will be moving the sweeping fleet earlier in the mornings and earlier in the spring, as there is no risk of freezing the ground surfaces.


Wheel loaders and tractors are in active use throughout the winter. Trombia will make them useful for year-round street cleaning. 

Control of PM2.5 and PM10 street dust

EUnited PM2.5 Certification

If you are in charge of municipal street and area maintenance, you have heard of PM10 and PM2.5. PM10 and PM2.5 refer to the particle size of the harmful respirable dust. 

Urban air fine particles are the most critical urban air problem in modern countries. For example in Europe the total number of premature deaths due to PM2.5 related illnesses is counted in hundreds of thousands.

This has led to global sweeper manufacturers to develop more powerful sweeper methods that would be able to control the PM2.5 during sweeping. 

As a sign of this high performance dust control, the most qualified street sweepers are certified through the EUnited PM2.5 Test. Trombia meets the highest requirements of the PM Test, the 4-star rating.

On top of the PM Test Certification, we at Trombia have put equal emphasis on the PM2.5 levels after sweeping. In 2017, during a separate Trombia PM2.5 removal test consulted by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences 2017, the Trombia Sweeper recorded repeated PM2.5/PM10 dust removal rate of 94,7 – 95,8%. 

Trombia Sweeper Attachment removes the finest PM2.5 particles off the ground permanently – instead of using excessive amount of water to tie the dust back on the street surface.

Focus on silica dust

Silica Dust