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Year-round Sweeping of Cargo Ports



Around cargo ports debris, dust and waste from the logistics operations is a continuous challenge for safety, air quality and aesthetics around the port area.


Trombia Sweeper is the one simple, efficient and cost efficient product you need to keep the port area clean year-

Dustless cargo ways and aprons

Seaports and airports have a range of dust-vulnerable locations such as plane aprons, maintenance halls and for example pulp cargo halls at seaports. These areas must be kept year-round clean with zero tolerance for fine dust.

Traditional methods of water based sweeping tie the dust on the surfaces, instead of removing it. Trombia sweeps clean up over 95% of the finest dust particles fast, and
removes them off the site to a disposal location.

Fast sweeping on vessel decks

Cargo vessels arrive fast onshore and they have to be cleaned from dust and debris. Trombia sweeper can be driven inside the vessel decks and with the efficiency rate of 10 000 – 20 000 m2/h vessels are quickly polished ready for the next cargo. With Trombia sweeper you can operate year-round also in sub zero temperatures.

Employee health and air quality

Vessel decks, warehouses or maintenance centres with continuous logistics traffic and cargo movements are a serious employee health concern for responsible


Trombia sweeper removes harmful PM10 and Silica dust off from the worksites where your employees are day and night working.

Year-round sweeping

Cargo and passenger ports are in operation year-round. In order to deliver perfection in area cleaning, you need a sweeper solution that does not use water on the cleaned surfaces and freeze the ground. Trombia sweepers are designed for this.

Clean Large Areas and Warehouses Fast


At a seaport, airport or cargo terminal you have large areas of precinct to keep clean. These areas are filled with fine dust and challenging industrial waste. To keep these areas clean you need a sweeper solution that can do both – mechanical sweeping and fine dust removal.

Trombia Sweeper achieves fine dust cleaning efficiency of 10 000 – 20 000 m2/h (7 000 – 14 000 yd2) which exceeds any powerful suction sweeping technologies regularly available. Trombia Sweeper is also equipped with 2,20 metres wide floating high performance broom for industrial debris pick-up.

See the animation that highlights the efficiency of Trombia sweeper compared to a traditional compact suction sweeper that is usually equipped with only 0,6 metres wide suction heads.

Cleaning of Vessels, Aprons, Pulp Warehouses

Year-round special duties

When cargo moves fast, vessels arrive onshore or planes are expected to be maintained in dustless maintenance hall, you need a sweeping solution that is quick, plug and play and delivers perfection with cleaning result year-round. Harbors and airports have a range of specific duties that Trombia is made for.

Trombia sweeping technology uses no water on the sweeping surfaces, which means you can use Trombia year-round in all areas of port operations.

"Trombia has been a terrific investment"

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