FAUN acquires majority of Trombia Technologies

Trombia Technologies founders and FAUN Group together

Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Kuopio on 04.10.2022 – With effect to 1st. October 2022, FAUN Group takes over the majority shares from Finnish manufacturer Trombia Technologies Oy.

With Trombia Technologies, FAUN Group extends its product range with the world’s first full power, electric and autonomous street sweeper system Trombia Free. The goal is to enable the electrification of an entire industry and significant emission reductions with its patented technology.

Press release: Finnish Trombia Technologies unveils the world’s first full power, electric and autonomous sweeping system for series deliveries at IFAT 2022

Trombia Free background logo on side of the new sweeper model

Finnish sweeping and snow removal technology developer Trombia Technologies launches the world’s first full-power, electric and autonomous area sweeping system. The sales launch includes the full autonomous offering for closed environments and industrial districts.For municipal applications on public streets Trombia offers the sweepers to the market now with remote-driving solution.

Case Study Release: Helsinki Airport & Trombia Free

Trombia Fre autonomous sweeper in parking lot

Conclusions from the Trombia Free airport pilot: Excellent results in efficiency in high level maintenance operations both indoors and outdoors https://youtu.be/I15FDZNj2Z4 Industrial sites and semi-closed environments such as airports or seaports will be the first places where autonomous vehicles will hit the duties full scale.  The results  of the Trombia Free autonomous street sweeper pilots […]

Case Study Release: Helsinki Smart City & Trombia Free

The Trombia Free Pilot Program was carried out in the streets of the City of Helsinki, capital of Finland, as a part of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab innovation program last spring. Case study results are now published.

Press release: Trombia partners with ISS to pilot autonomous sweeping at Helsinki Airport

Trombia Technologies pilots together with facility services company ISS how autonomous sweeping technology suits the needs of busy and high maintenance aviation premises. Focus of the pilot is to develop ways autonomous street sweepers can support facilities maintenance work in busy closed areas like parking lots, where cleanliness is key both for the security and for the atmosphere.

Press Release: Cubex Ltd becomes Trombia dealer

Cubex Limited appointed as the official dealer of Trombia silica and PM2,5 street dust sweepers in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsbwsfKmwI

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